Peru Birding Tours


The Mangroves Sanctuary of Tumbes

7 Days 4,
The Tumbes National Forest Sanctuary is the only protected forest in the area that hosts all the threatened Tumbezian endemics. Most of this habitat has been cleared and destroyed in Ecuador but here the forest stretches for miles and Ocelots, and Mantled Howler Monkeys live unmolested as do the threatened bird species. This is a real wilderness experience with genuinely endangered spec ...
Sandoval Lake

Tambopata – Bahuaja Sonene Park- Sandoval Lake: 7D/6N

7 Days 3,
Lake Sandoval, known as the "heart of the Peruvian Amazon", is located near the city of Puerto Maldonado, in the department of Madre de Dios. This lake, with clear and calm waters, is located in the Tambopata Natural Reserve, considered one of the most biodiverse places in the world. While walking along the lake, it is possible to see several species of macaws and parrots. You will al ...
Paradise Birds Pacaya Samiria

Pacaya Samiria Paradise of Birds

9 Days 4,
Pacaya Samiria is a real paradise for birds. Can you imagine a breakfast in the middle of the jungle, with the sound of birds and trees? Wake up too early to start watching pink dolphins? Take night walks in search of tarantulas and meet anacondas? Watch magical sunsets with the sky full of colors as if it were a canvas made by the best painters? It would be like a dream, wouldn't it? ...
Manu Natural

Manu Natural Sensitive

9 Days 4,
Discover the Manu al natural in this journey of adventure and jungle. Erika is located near the Alto Madre de Dios River, between the Piñi Piñi River and a chain of mountains between the high and low jungle. It brings together very diverse habitats and a high diversity of wildlife. A reserve of 90 hectares of jungle exists around this lodge. Located near Manu National Park. Tambo Ba ...

Tambopata – Bahuaja Sonene Park – Sandoval Lake

10 Days 4,
To get to the Tambopata National Reserve you must board a boat from the community of Infierno to the crossing of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers. Once there, you will visit the macaw clay lick, so called because it is the meeting point for these species. There are also parrots and parakeets that feed on the clay of this area. Travel aboard a catamaran along the Tambopata River to ...
Valleys North Peru

Spectacular North Valleys of Peru

10 Days 3,
Rejoice in the view of the valleys of the North of Peru. From spectacular landscapes such as the lush tropical rainforest of Tarapoto and its surroundings to the impressive Marañón Canyon, one of the continent's most impressive landscapes. The route is home to many species endemic to the region that are very exciting for birdwatchers. This route was little known until a few years ag ...
Pacaya Samiria

Pacaya Samiria & Alpahuayo Mishana

11 Days 4,
The Pacaya Samiria Reserve is an area of floodable tropical rainforest, which includes provinces of the department of Loreto, such as Requena, Alto Amazonas and Ucayali. Its extension is 2'080,000 hectares, which makes it one of the most extensive reserves in the Peruvian Amazon. In 2015 it was designated as the second best place for wildlife in the world. Pacaya Samiria is Peru's sec ...
Manu Erika Lodge

Manu, Yanayacu & Blanquillo

14 Days 4,
Located near Manu National Park; Tambo Blanquillo is surrounded by a great variety of fauna, biodiversity and genetic variability not existing in other parts of the world. It is an honor to share this ecological wonder with the entire world, offering at all times a safe, responsible and quality service. ...
North Peru

Great North of Peru

16 Days 4,
Great North of Peru route has been highly recommended by expert ornithologists in recent times. The uniqueness and diversity of the different ecosystems spread along the route host an incredible amount of rare species, some of them only seen in this area. Such is the case of Abra Patricia, a private conservation area (PCA) located at medium altitude. It is located in the foothills of ...

Manu Natural Paradise

26 Days 4,
Discover the natural paradise that is the Manu National Park, located in the regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios. It is one of the most important protected natural areas in the world; this is because it has a megadiversity recognized internationally for its great biological diversity of the planet. The biological diversity that houses the Manu is manifested in all its potential in a un ...