North Peru Tours


Natural & Archaeological North Orient of Peru

7 Days 4,
The Northern region of Peru has amazed the world with fabulous archaeological discoveries that date back to pre-Incas times. The fortress of Kuelap speaks by itself and has thrilling stories to tell us about life in ancient times. Some experts refer to it as “the Machu Picchu of the North”. Historical Cajamarca, on the other hand, will delight you with pre-Inca, Inca and colonial rem ...
Northern Kingdoms Peru

Northern Kingdoms of Peru

9 Days 4,
The tour of the Northern Kingdoms of Peru combines archaeology and the observation of nature in one of the most impressive regions of the world. This region has a rich history that is reflected in almost every stone of its monuments. It stands out for the beauty of the landscapes, whether mountains, rivers or valleys that characterize the highlands. In addition to this, visitors will exp ...
North Oriental

Archaeological North Orient of Peru

16 Days 4,
Archeological North Orient of Peru: A fascinating way of knowing the wonderful Peruvian North-oriental circuit. Get familiar with the History of Peru by visiting the places that have always marvelled mankind with their authentic natural beauty. Walk along Chan Chan, the largest adobe-built citadel in America and visit the most important ceremonial centers of Moche culture which include t ...