Mini Trek at the Cordillera Huayhuash

5Days 3,

Program Overview

This is the best and most comfortable trekking in the Peruvian Andes to discover one of its most impressive places: the Cordillera Huayhuash; a little known and frequented mountain is located in one of the most remote and beautiful regions of the Andes Mountain Range.

From here you can appreciate the most famous mountains of this mountain range (Yerupaja, Rasac, Hirishanca, Nimashanca, Rondoy, among others). We will observe one of the most splendid landscapes of the earth; beautiful Andean prairies, always surrounded by challenging mountains that reach heights higher than 6,000 mts. of altitude; and, finally, the beautiful lagoon of Jaguacococha, where the hills are reflected in a fantastic view.

It requires three days of walking, crossing a height of 4,800 m (Yaucha) plus a day of closing in car and a day of rest suggested.


Day 01: Huaraz (3,100 m) – Pacllon (3,350 m) bus 5h

We go from Huaraz by the highway to the south of the Callejón de Huaylas, watching the snow mountains of the Cordillera Blanca to the Lagoon Querococha (70 Km), from where we go to the east by the Pampa de Lampas by a highway to Mojón where we take the deviation by a not asphalted highway to Chiquian (3 h), accompanied of the first and fantastic views of the Cordillera de Huayhuash, a little stop in this picturesque town of Chiquián and continue the journey to the town of Pacilon, beginning of the trekkings (3,350 m) 2 h to install our first camp.

Day 02: Pacilon – Corralpampa (4,200 m) 5 h

From Pacilon we begin the trekking by the Cordillera Huayhuash, here we contact our mountain personnel, guides, cookers, muleteers, and the rest of the expedition to begin the trekking and where the donkeys will load the cargo and start the slow climb in this our first day of trekking to Corral pampa (4,200 m) 5h to install our first camp with a back view of Diablo mudo.

Day 03: Corralpampa – Jahuacocha (4,050 m ) 5 h

We continue the trekking climbing Paso Yaucha (4,800 m) 3 h where we obtain the most impressive and rewarding views of the Cordillera Huayhuash (Rondoy, Ninashanca, Hirishanca, Yerupaja Chico, Yerupaja Grande, Rasac, Siula, Sacra and others) then we descend to get close to the beautiful Lagoon of Jahuacocha where we will install our camp (4,050 m) 2 h with a nice landscape having as a back the beautiful Lagoon of Jahuacocha and impressive mountains (Randoy, Hirishanca, Yerupaja Chico, Yerupaja Grande, between others).

Day 04: Jahuacocha (4,050m)

This day frees we will take it to rest enjoying the landscape and to make a splendid long walk approach us the Solterococha lagoon and the field bases of the Yerupaja near the glacier and soon to return to our camping in Jahuacoha; And in addition from Unmarried Cocha we can make a lateral long walk towards Sambunya (4,750m) from where have splendid Vista of the Huayhuash Mountain range and soon to return to our camping in Jahuacocha

Day 05: Jahuacocha _ Llamac (3,300m) 4h / Llamac – Chiquián (3,300 m) 2h / Chiquián – Huaraz (3,100 m) 3h

This is the last day of trekking by the quebrada Huayllan, we follow the waters of the river of the same name that come out of the Lagoon Jahuacocha between the colorful nature, the ichu, the quenuales and the splendid views of the Randoy, Hirishanca, Yerupaja Chico, Yerupaja Grande, we descent by the new and well done water channel with a soft hanging and then we will only have the view of Diablo Mudo to descend to Llamac, in this last part we take a route of high hanging. We arrive to LLamac (3,300 m) 4 h when our car will pick up us to return to the city of Huaraz. A little stop in the city of Chiquián (2 h) and then we descent to Huaraz (3 h).

This is a probable description of the trekking to the Cordillera of Huayhuash. The progress around the circuit will depend on many factors, such as the weather, physical conditions, adaptation to the height, between others, this way the places and schedules of the camping can be varied for a better circuit progress.

The detailed program will let us a rest day, we can use it to rest in the circuit to recover from the trekking or if we are still in good shape we can make side walks, besides we have the option to take this day for other eventualities without changing the circuit around the Cordillera Huayhuash.

The price includes

  • Transportation to the beginning or the ending of the trek to Huaraz
  • Full Accommodation during the trek
  • Tent for two, dining room-kitchen tent
  • Trek guide, cook, muleteers, donkeys
  • First-aid kit
  • Oxygen
  • Communication equipment.

The price doesn´t include


  • Entrance ticket to the Huascarán National Park: US$ 20.00.
  • Personal equipment: Sleeping bag, warm clothes, etc.
  • Meals for the days not included in the trek.
  • Anything that was not specified.


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