Horse Back Riding in Ancahuasi

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Program Overview

Ancahuasi is located approximately 45km from the city of Cusco. The name of the district can be translated by «Casa del Aguila» knowing that Anca means «Eagle» and huasi «house».

It is located in the Valley of Anta and eponymous province. From this same valley it would have been original Mama Runtu the Coya of the eighth Sapa Inka Viracocha and Mother of Cusi Yupanqui that took the Mascaypacha under the name of Pachacutec which would take for Coya Mama Anahuarque and be parents of Amaru and Tupac Yupanqui tenth Sapa Inka directly linked with the archaeological site of the zone.


Meeting with the guide the night before the departure.

Day 01: Cusco – Ancahuasi – Cusco

We will begin in Cusco at 9:00 Am; then, we will go to the small town of Ancahuasi.

There we will meet our guide, the muleteer and the horses for the ride. Then, after a briefing, we will begin our horseback riding to Huarocondo. In this place, we will have lunch and, in the afternoon, we will continue to the archaeological site of K’illarumiyoc. Afterwards, we will ride the last trail of the tour until we reach Ancahuasi (The Ranch). Once there, we will take our car back to Cusco, arriving there at around 5:00 p.m.

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